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Douglas Alden is the Creator, Writer & Executive Producer of ESPN’s presentation:  “1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas.”

Described as "Ball Four meets the Great Gatsby," "1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas" is a historical novel in the form of a diary, written by a pitcher on the fabled '27 Yankees. The work details the nexus between baseball, jazz, crime and Prohibition that existed at the height of the Roaring Twenties, and chronicles the adventures of baseball immortals, jazz pioneers, Prohibition entertainers, bootleggers and gamblers .  

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Artie Shaw and Barbara Stanwyck are all part of Myles Thomas's intimate exploration of youth, greatness, morality, race, sex, and the meaning of heroes. The novel can be experienced on ESPN.com/1927.

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As a television programmer, producer, writer and director, Douglas has won 3 Emmy Awards and received 12 Emmy nominations for his documentary and long-form feature work at ESPN, NBC Olympics, ABC Sports, and Classic Sports Network (now ESPN Classic). 

Douglas began his television career in 1979 with ABC News in the Political & Special Events Unit, where he worked on the coverage of the 1980 Presidential Campaign, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the launch of the first Space Shuttle, and the late night news broadcast that would become Nightline. 

In 1982 he moved on to cover the sports world as Dick Schaap’s producer and production partner for the next two decades. At ABC Sports, ESPN and Classic Sports, Douglas produced, co-wrote, directed and/or executive produced over a dozen documentaries. And at NBC Sports & Olympics from 1990-1993, he directed, wrote and produced over 30 features, including extended profiles, and investigative and humor pieces for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

Douglas was a founding member of Classic Sports Network, where he served as the network’s Senior Vice President for Programming & Production from 1994 through 2000, starting six months before the launch of the network through its sale to ESPN. At Classic he oversaw the production of hundreds of hours of original documentary, entertainment and studio programming, and co-developed the on-air look of the network. An innovator in documentary programing, he and his team created a unique style of hybrid long-form documentary, interweaving original interviews with extended archival game footage, and also co-created the NFL Films “Replay” series, recreating old game broadcasts by blending NFL Films footage with archival radio and television broadcast audio.

In the digital world since 2000, Douglas has co-founded and repositioned companies, and created innovative marketing campaigns that garnered both press and audience impressions for HBO (“The Sopranos” and HBO Boxing), Showtime (multiple original series), E! Online, and Victoria’s Secret, among others.

As the EVP, Marketing & Sales, for Interactive Video Technologies (IVT), Douglas led the creative/professional services groups that developed and launched the first interactive video applications used by HBO and Showtime.

In 2005 Douglas co-founded Motionbox.com, a personal video-sharing service and community website in the forefront of the user-generated video revolution. The company was sold to HP in 2010 and became the video backbone of HP’s consumer photo and video site, SnapFish.com. Under his leadership as Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Business Development, Motionbox was the first user-generated video site to partner with a major media company, enabling NBC Universal’s Owned & Operated television stations to combine their assets with user-generated videos, and safely expand their brands into the exploding world of user-generated video on the web.

As the Chief Digital Officer for Maxim Magazine in 2008, Douglas tried in vain to get the Magazine and Maxim.com to focus on the emerging digital universe, especially mobile advertising technologies and mobile publishing platforms. As a digital media consultant Douglas has successfully worked with clients as varied as HBO, Showtime, ESPN.com, the U.S. Olympic Committee, College Sports Television, Gagosian Gallery, and private equity firms specializing in media and communications investments, including the Quadrangle Group and Allen & Co.

Douglas’s writings on media, technology, digital trends, sports, race, journalism and theater have appeared in GQ Magazine, the New York Times and Fortune Magazine (under the byline Douglas Alden Warshaw). Much of his work—print, video and radio—along with his musings about media theories and their practical applications, can be read at AldenCurve.com.

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Douglas has an A.B. from Princeton University in Politics (Magna Cum Laude). He lives in New York City with his wife, Melissa Lazarov, the director of Gagosian Gallery, and their two daughters.