This will (probably) be my last post about what David Pogue has labeled their "MobileMess," i.e. Apple's disastrous rollout of MobileMe. Since I'm not a techie, rather than focus on the product side of the company's recent stumble, I've been focusing on aspects of Apple's marketing that I think have been previously overlooked. (See Apple Stumbles on the Curve.)

I wrote earlier that "it will be interesting to see how Apple publicly responds to its disastrous rollout of MobileMe," and it has been interesting, indeed. Apple's remarkably belated response is a "MobileMe" status blog. written by an Apple employee named "David G.," assigned directly by Steve Jobs:

"Steve Jobs has asked me to write a posting every other day... to ensure that we keep you really up to date... it’s been a rocky road and we know the pain some people have been suffering."

Apple's MoblileMess blog clearly holds true to the company's core message, which has always been that Apple feels the pain experienced by Microsoft Windows and Vista consumers. Only this time — for the first time since Steve Jobs returned to Apple — Apple's messaging is addressing not Microsoft pain but Apple pain inflicted by Apple on its own consumers.

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